According to reports, a Nigerian man died during a drinking competition in Lagos.
The man died after downing four bottles of gin, according to a Twitter user named Joseph Barnabas.

The grand prize was set at 20,000 naira for anyone who could drink four bottles of gin, according to Joseph.

When the deceased collapsed and died, he was on his fourth bottle.

‘A drinking competition was held in my area yesterday, 4 bottles of gin and get $20k, the guy on his fourth one died on the spot,’ Barnabas wrote.

Meanwhile, a group of police officers deployed to the village by the police command discovered the herder’s body in the bush on Christmas Day, revealing his name as Yau Ibrahim.

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Ibrahim is said to have gone out to graze his cattle that day when he was killed by unidentified assailants.

Fulani leaders in the area are said to have reported the incident to the state police command after learning of it.

The herdsmen had planned retaliation against workers at ABC farm in Pampo village, but the attack was thwarted by police who had been dispatched to the farm.

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