A family in Magodo, Lagos State, has petitioned the state government to intervene and prevent the Gateway Estate officials from denying them access to their property.

During a protest, their spokesperson, Baale Idiorogbo Ibaragun Kolawole Rasaki Olowooto, said that while they initially owned the land, they were denied access to it once it was given out for the estate’s construction. Long before the estate, he claimed, there was a road that led to the land.

He accused the estate of requiring acres of land and large sums of money in order to gain access to their property.


The community leader stated that they had reported the incident to Area H of the Lagos Command, Nigeria Police, and the Lagos State House of Assembly, but that nothing had happened as a result of their efforts.

“We’d like the government to assist us.” He stated, “We need to gain access to our land.”

Mr. Bisoye Badiah, a representative of the Ojoko family in Isheri-Magodo, questioned why the estate leadership would deny them access to their land. He claimed that their fathers gave the landlords the land on which the estate was built.

He admitted that things went smoothly at first until the estate’s current administrators took over. He claimed that the estate officials chased away those to whom they sold land and misled them about the area.

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“We are pleading with the state government to intervene and allow us access to our land,” he said, adding, “This is the only road to our land.” You can’t deny the same access to the remaining plots to the family who granted you access to their properties.”

At the time of writing this report, attempts to contact the estate’s leaders were unsuccessful.

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