The Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT, has once again shown vigilance and a penchant for security by containing a situation involving stowaways from the country.

While on routine patrol, on Tuesday the 17th of October 2023, about 7pm, the team from NNS BEECROFT, was successful to intercept some individuals who had occupied spaces aboard the stern gate of GWANGZHOU HIGHWAY PANAMA, which was enroute Ghana.

A signal was sent to Western Regional Control Center (WRCC), to inform and prompt the vessel to be halted within the Lagos anchorage.

Four of the stowaways were apprehended from the stern of the vessel but upon more information provided by these individuals, it was revealed that there were more stowaways inside the ship.

Upon an intense search, seven other stowaways were discovered within the ship, bringing the total number of stowaways in the ship to eleven.

They were all made to disembark from the ship and taken into custody upon interrogation.

The stowaways were identified as follows. Shedrack David 19 years from Ondo State,
Emmanuel Godbless 30 years Delta State, Ibrahim Hassan 30 years Adamawa State, Solomon Francis 21yrs Ondo State,
Bolaji Johnson 28yrs Ondo State,
Samsom Aimy 37yrs Bayelsa State,
Ayefuwei Collins 27yrs Delta State,
Ayo Gula 28 Delta State,
Jolomi Daniel 23yrs Ondo State,
Abubakar Ibrahim 19yrs Zamfara State and
Precious Uwalogho 30yrs Delta State.

They have been handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) in accordance with existing established protocols.

Stowaways put their lives in danger from such extended sea travels without safety and this presents a myriad of safety and security challenges.

The arrest and handover of the stowaways by the patrol team is an essential reminder of the critical role the Nigerian Navy plays in ensuring maritime security as well as upholding the rule of law which underscores the Navy’s unwavering dedication under the watch of the Chief of the Naval Staff , Vice Admiral EI Ogalla, towards maintaining the security of the country’s maritime domain.

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