Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso on Sunday announced their withdrawal from the West African sub regional bloc, ECOWAS.

The West African countries are currently led by soldiers following coups that ousted the civilian leadership in the countries with Niger being the latest.

According to an Associated Press report, the juntas in the three countries accused ECOWAS of “inhumane” sanctions imposed on them to reverse the coups.

Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele has been sounding warnings to African leaders especially after the coup that ended democracy in Niger Republic. When the coup happened and the ECOWAS leaders planned ways to effect sanctions on the coupists, Primate Ayodele cautioned them but they continued to remain hardened against these warnings.

The African leaders at some point expressed their readiness to invade Niger Republic to send the military packing and reinstate ousted President Bazoum but Primate Ayodele warned them not to try it because it will have great effect on the continent.

There were several interference on the international scene most especially France and the United States Of America. They were in support of the proposed invasion of Niger Republic by ECOWAS but Primate Ayodele warned them not to go ahead with it. Although they didn’t go ahead with the planned invasion, they continued to impose the sanctions which later led to the exit of the three countries.

Primate Ayodele advised ECOWAS to allow peaceful dialogue and accept that the people have decided to end democracy in the country but they didn’t listen. Rather, they continued to be hostile.

These were some of Primate Ayodele’s warnings:

“The coup in Niger Republic is irreversible, no matter what President Macron and his chariot plan to do to restore the former president, it will not be successful. Any attempt by President Macron to attack Niger Republic will lead to the downfall of France.’’

‘’No African country will survive the heat if the war against Niger Republic coup plotters successfully starts. The plan is to assassinate as many African presidents as possible. The war is more than what they think it is, it’s way more serious.

‘’War isn’t the solution, all that is needed in the Niger Republic is a peaceful dialogue, it will take time but that’s the solution. They don’t want the president again, ECOWAS shouldn’t enforce him otherwise they will kill him.’’


In a video interview broadcasted later on, Primate Ayodele encouraged the military ruled countries to go on with plans to create their confederation since ECOWAS has remained closed to peaceful resolutions.

With the exit of the three countries, Primate Ayodele’s warnings to ECOWAS leaders have been fulfilled.

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