The Federal Government has been urged to impose stricter penalties on human traffickers, as emphasized during a book launch event titled “We Are Priceless.” The book, authored by renowned journalist, Juliana Francis, served as both a literary endeavor and an advocacy campaign against the societal and physical traumas inflicted by human trafficking, particularly on the Girl Child.

Present at the event was Femi Adesina, former Senior Special Adviser on media to ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, who emphasized the devastating impact of human trafficking on families. He strongly recommended that traffickers apprehended by security agencies face severe consequences rather than being allowed to evade punishment.

Prominent speakers at the event, including Dr. Solomon Arase, former Inspector-General of Police and Chairman Police Service Commission, as well as renowned broadcaster Bimbo Roberts, lauded Juliana Francis for her dedication in publishing “We Are Priceless.” They urged government to incorporate this essential book into the secondary school curriculum, making it a primary resource for advocating against human trafficking.

Furthermore, the speakers urged the Federal Government to intensify efforts in combating human trafficking, recognizing it as an organized and heinous form of criminal activity that demands immediate action. They stressed the need for government investment in training and equipping law enforcement officers to effectively combat crime within the country.


In conclusion, Juliana Francis, the author of “We Are Priceless,” and a journalist of great repute with numerous awards to that effect, expressed her elation at the success of the book launch. She described the book as a family-friendly resource that not only educates but also highlights the dangers and warning signs associated with human trafficking.

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