Big Construct Nigeria is a Nigerian establishment with interest in fostering growth in the construction sector. To this end, the company in its third edition is organising an event whereocal and international players in the construction industry would meet to exchange ideas. In this brief interview with NEWSFLASH 247, Big Five Construct Nigeria gives insight into what to expect.

How is the Big Five Construct Nigeria contributing to the expansion of the construction sector?

Well, this year in our third edition, Big Five Construct Nigeria brought together 140 companies coming from all over the world to meet with the construction industry in Lagos, Nigeria, in a three-day event. The infrastructure and construction industry in Nigeria are on a very healthy growth and the reason we put this event together is to contribute to the growth of the sector.

How is the event supporting the growth of the Nigerian construction sector considering the presence of international companies?

In our third edition, we brought together companies coming from 25 different countries this year. We have 140 exhibiting companies coming from Germany, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, etc., exhibiting construction services and products and showcasing their products to the local buyers in Nigeria.

How are the local construction companies benefiting from their participation at Big Five Construct Nigeria?

Well, this year we as an event organiser facilitate business opportunities in the country. So, we bring the buyers and sellers together. Big Five Construct Nigeria in three days provides an opportunity for international companies, coming to the country to showcase their products and for local buyers to come and see those cutting-edge technology services products on the show floor.

In what way can young construction professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge find key learning from the event?

This year we have put together a three-day content programme that features four different teams, including architecture and design talks, facility management talks, and project management talks, featuring over 35 speakers, talking about different topics across three days on over 25 different topics. So, that helps all the professionals and the young professionals to come and learn and share their ideas during the talks.

Lastly, collaboration, business linkage and networking are key elements of events like this. What are some key opportunities businesses local and international alike can tap into through the event?

Well, as I mentioned, the opportunity is for the buyers and sellers to meet together under this platform. So, it’s a perfect platform for the industry to come together to share knowledge and to do business during the Big Five Construct Nigeria.

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